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    الصورة الرمزية Šŵėĕţ ĩmaŋę


    :: شخصية هامة ::


    تاريخ التسجيل: Mar 2009
    الدولة: i don t know where im
    المشاركات: 8,311
    التقييم: 125224182
    Rep Power: 1252256

    افتراضي مسااااااابقة افضل تقرير

    Love is .....
    .. Is the hidden sense of wandering around everywhere and around the world

    In search of a chance of having a sense of fashion .. Fascinates and eyes ..

    To sneak quietly .. And while they settle in the mind and although you ..

    Within the cavities of the heart .... To possess the soul and conscience ..

    To take control of the rights of each entity ..

    And much love is the feeling that possesses rights in the inside
    And around the world and where he wants Bofraha grief
    Wanders all over the place of butter, sea walk without sinking in the depths

    Love .. Delicious is a contagious epidemic, which affects all creatures without exception ..

    A magnetic attractive organisms to each other ..

    Without it life would not continue on any planet ..

    Love .. The meaning of a great many different definitions of the lover for the last .. Every lover has a vision and definition of

    Special meaning of love ..

    This area of the table to try to reach the most beautiful and deeper and more comprehensive definition of the meaning of love ...

    Participated with me .... Do mind about your opinions .....

    Is the desire for the happiness of another human being without a tender in exchange for love ... and love thee?? Is sharing the dream and the idea anniversary with yourself .. With the one you love ..

    * Love is a child in trouble Itracs hearts, hearts and strikes, and glows in the eyes
    * Love is surprising, is free to the emancipation of love, forgiveness is before the handshake, and tolerance by the reproach, and reached out to by the link, and please before bidding.

    * Mount is impossible before the snow melts ray Holocaust love ...
    * When it becomes a silent language spoken many languages and dialects are divided strange to speak on one subject is love.
    * Love is the ingrate son, and the bad boy, with a deep wound.
    * Love is to travel in time and space, and the ability to bring a smile by the movement of the lips ..

    Love .. Sincerity, mercy and tolerance.
    Love .. Irfan gratitude, and recognition error.
    Love .. Fear of slippage, and to accept the excuse.
    Love .. Tender without borders, and sacrifice is not waiting for permission from the mind.
    Love .. Exceeded for the poor, and planting of hope in the heart sad.
    Love .. Written and coherent way.
    Love .. Impressive image and form, and the love of the spirit and idea.
    Love .. Possession of unselfish friendship and balanced sound.
    Love .. And means for construction, and the spirit of happiness, the great beating heart of the work will not want to never stop.

    .................................................. .

    love... Promised to love the word ...
    Love ... Sense of sacrifice
    Mirror of love ... ... love the view from the ... free of defects
    Love to be the highest sense of the heart ... ... but only up to the limits and the differences ...
    .... Love is greater than he knew or understood by only lived in all its agony and the joy of ...
    Love ... Love ... Love of God in the highest and the greatest of God ...
    Love heart and soul ... and not love the body and appearance Vhab heart and soul is the most enduring and forever ..
    The greatest love is to exist .....
    Mother's Love ... Love is full of humane ...
    Father's Love .... Love is full of tender
    Brother Love ..., which deprived him ...
    But .. is the openness of love and cooperation
    Sister love ... which is all I have this minimum
    The debris is love ... ... Darling, my pain .... you all ....
    ... I can not divulge, including your own, but, uh, ah, from your love A
    Šŵėĕţ ĩmaŋę

    broor يا احلي صديقة بحياتي اموت فيك وان شاء الله
    ع طول نضل مع بض والله ايفرقنا حياتي

    انا يلي بحبكم وحدي انا

    فدتكم انا يسلمو حبي برو ع الهدية الروعة

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    الصورة الرمزية Broooy

    تاريخ التسجيل: Jul 2008
    الدولة: MY LOVE kuwait
    المشاركات: 11,982
    التقييم: 196714982
    Rep Power: 1967168


    رووعه رووعه حبي التقرير
    يعطيج العافيه

  3. [3]

    تاريخ التسجيل: Mar 2008
    الدولة: ♥ şσмe•σήë ♥ нέάяŧ
    المشاركات: 5,239
    التقييم: 60998536
    Rep Power: 609998


    what can i say about love ..!!!

    فعلآلآ رووووووووعه

    بالتوفيق للكل
    ™ άяơơşħ
    سبحآن آڷڷـَﮧ وبَحمّده سبحآن آڷڷه اڷعظيمّ
    مّن قړأ سوړةَ اڷآخـًـًـًڷآص 10 مّـٍړآٺ
    بنىَ آڷڷهَ ڷـﮧُ بهآ قصـٍـٍـٍـٍړآ فيَ اڷجنـهَ ..~

    عڷىَ شاطې اڷعېون اڷـېَ غړق فيَ بحړها عآشقَ ..~
    اڷمڷم ما [OVERLINE]َبقى منې [/OVERLINE]ومن َمړڪَب َمسړاٺې..
    غړقٺ وڷا ڷقيٺ اڷـٍېَ يَڪَۈن بحاڷٺېَ شافَق..
    صړخٺ ما ٍسَمعٺ اڷا ٍصًدى نُۈحي ۈآهاٺېَ ..
    عشقٺه ۈمـًآ عړفٺ انه حړام يڪۈن ڷه عآشًق ..
    هۈيٺـﮧ ۈما هقيٺ اني في يۈم اندم عڷى [OVERLINE]
    سۈاٺـې[/OVERLINE] ..~

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    :: عضو رويال ::


    الصورة الرمزية sweet&miley

    تاريخ التسجيل: Jul 2008
    الدولة: EGYPT
    المشاركات: 3,541
    التقييم: 51819701
    Rep Power: 518208


    تقرير مميز
    ان شاء الله بالتوفيق
    بس ازاى انتى وفيرى عاملين نفس التقرير؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

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    :: عضو جديد ::

    الصورة الرمزية shibaa

    تاريخ التسجيل: Jun 2009
    الدولة: SCREAM
    المشاركات: 119
    التقييم: 618980
    Rep Power: 6196


    you are AWSOMEEEEEE


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